Art Network Strategy, Digitalization for Management Efficiency and Tourists

Bah Koh Samet Island, Chumphon Province, Thailand


  • Pernandus Simanullang Postgraduate Program of Indonesian Institute of Arts Yogyakarta


Strategy, Art, Digitization, Management, Tourism marketing


Art Network Strategy, Digitalization for Management Efficiency and Tourists.

This study aims to analyze art management strategies that affect Bah Koh Samet tourism satisfaction after the covid-19 pandemic. The samples and analyzes were tourists visiting by collecting data in Bann Koh Samet, Chumphon province. Data research using descriptive qualitative includes documentation, interviews, observations, and presentations of several questionnaires. The results found that the hypothesis shows that the consistency between the efficiency of art management and art networking strategies is inconsistent due to a drastic reduction in visitors. Then the art networking strategy provides empirical opportunities to find alternatives to bring in visitors by facilitating the digitization model. Then, the art management strategy with the concept of digitization is carried out by analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of SWOT as a start to better know the target market and the direction of the object of application of the digitalization strategy model.

Author Biography

Pernandus Simanullang, Postgraduate Program of Indonesian Institute of Arts Yogyakarta

Pernandus Simanullang, Master of Art Governance Student Yogyakarta year of 2021-2022. From elementary school to high school in Aceh, the nickname is commonly called Per, born in Southeast Aceh on September 9, 1989. Then continued to study at STBA Harapan Medan, after graduating from a bachelor's degree in literature, continued his work in an NGO for the Social Foundation. Then went to
school in Italy for 4 years as a leadership formation and dialogue between each other. In 2019, he returned to Indonesia with a leadership certificate and then is still active as a translator and youth organization, continuing his studies at the Yogyakarta Master of Art Governance in 2021 until now. While in Europe have traveled to several places and written some personal inspirations. Now besides being active as a master's student of ISI Yogyakarta, active in international organizations (Focolare) in the field of youth and consulting. Proficient in English and Italian. Actively helping young people in musical collaborations and arrangers. In addition to writing research, creating songs and playing music is part of my daily life.


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