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The manuscript can be research papers, review articles, and conceptual, technical and methodological papers on all aspects, including research findings, experimental design, analysis, and recent tour and travel studies application. </span></p> </div> </div> </div> </div> Customer Value and Its Influence on the Success of Hotel Marketing Strategies in Jember 2022-08-23T13:13:52+07:00 Faozen Hadi Jatmiko <p>This research will discuss the influence of customer value as a success factor in hotel marketing strategies in Jember. So that through this research can contribute thoughts to the Jember hotel and restaurant union association and more specifically to hotel service business actors as a reference in taking policies in developing marketing strategies with value. The purpose of this study is to analyze the influence of customer value in the success of hotel marketing strategies in Jember. The data were analyzed by multiple linear regression by partial and simultaneous tests. The results of this study show that partially physical value variables, emotional value variables, intellectual value variables have an influence but are not significant on the success of marketing strategies, while spiritual value variables have a significant influence on the success of marketing strategies, simultaneously or together the variables of physical value, emotional value, intellectual value, spiritual value have a significant influence on the variable success of the hotel marketing strategy in Jember.</p> 2023-11-14T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Faozen, Hadi Jatmiko The Effectiveness of the Instagram Account @Pariaman.tourism as a Media of Tourism Information and Promotion in Kota Pariaman 2022-08-10T07:49:02+07:00 Dea Anandya Pradita Ringgo Eldapi Yozani <p>The Tourism and Culture Office of Pariaman City designed a planning program with several stages, namely content creation, platform determination, program implementation, monitoring and the final stage of evaluating. This planning is carried out to maximize tourism-related information and promotions through media that are considered quite effective, so as to have an influence on the number of tourists visiting both on a national and international scale. The purpose of this study is to determine the extent to which the effectiveness of social media accounts can be a medium for fulfilling information and promoting tourism. This type of research is quantitative with a descriptive approach. The research population is Instagram followers @pariaman.tourism and a sample of 366 respondents. The results of the research on the effectiveness of communication on the Instagram account @pariaman.tourism seen from the theory of communication effectiveness according to Hardjana which consists of six indicators, obtained a value of 3.30 which is included in the very effective scale range. Thus, the Instagram account @pariaman.tourism is a very effective medium in conveying information and promotions about tourism in the city of Pariaman.</p> 2023-11-14T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Dea anandya pradita The Role of Tourism Village in Strengthening Poterry SMEs in Kasongan Tourism Village, Bantul District, Yogyakarta 2023-01-06T06:53:57+07:00 Ni Made Sri Puspa Dewi Roels Nisa Rahmaniyah Utami Fidelia Brenda Pingkan Vania <p>This research was conducted to examine the role of tourism villages in strengthening pottery SMEs in Kasongan Tourism Village. Pottery products are the superior product of this village tourist attraction. The existence of pottery products cannot be separated from the role of the tourist village as a bridge to attract tourists. Data collection methods used are observation, interviews and literature study. Interviews were conducted with 20 people that are Kasongan Tourism Village managers and SMEs actors. Determination of informants using the Non-Probability Sampling technique, namely Purposive Sampling. Methods of data analysis using qualitative data analysis method. The results of the study are the role of tourism villages in strengthening SMEs which consists of making tour packages, destination branding, and partnerships. There are two tour packages, namely seeing the process of making pottery and being directly involved in making pottery. The destination branding is Kasongan Tourism Village as a pottery educational tour. Partnerships are carried out, namely working with vendors and joining cooperatives.</p> 2023-11-14T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Ni Made Sri Puspa Dewi Roels, Nisa Rahmaniyah Utami, Fidelia Brenda Pingkan Vania The Implementation of Halal Tourism in Sharia Hotel Business 2023-03-09T05:30:03+07:00 Fendy Kurniawan Lia Ardiana Safitri <p>Halal tourism is part of tourism aimed at Muslim families who adhere to or obey Islamic law. The purpose of the study was to find out halal tourism applied at Syariah Hotel Solo in Surakarta. Knowing the obstacles applied in halal tourism at Syariah Hotel Solo in Surakarta. The results of the study Implementation and Syariah Hotel Solo in Surakarta is a process of integrating Islamic values into all aspects of activities at the hotel. The value of Islamic law as one of the elements of faith and belief adhered to by Muslims becomes a basic reference in building hotel activities. The criteria that must be met by every Islamic hotel in the form of Absolute Criteria that apply to the Hilal-1 Syariah hotel business. The obstacles applied in halal tourism at Sharia Hotel Solo in Surakarta are the absence of clear religious laws against Islamic hotels, many consider conventional hotels and Islamic hotels to be the same, the lack of promotion carried out by Islamic hotels, there is no support from Islamic mass organizations (Ormas), the lack of facilities that can attract public attention, there is an assumption that Islamic hotels are only specifically for Islam, it takes a relatively large amount of money to make facilities in Islamic hotels, for example: separate swimming pools, separate fitness or gym centers, construction of prayer rooms / mosques. Licensing at the National Sharia Council-MUI is still convoluted, which must meet the hilal-1 and hilal-2 criteria, as many as 26 items that must be met. There is still a complicated bureaucracy in licensing halal certification. The lack of sharia hotel certification is inversely proportional to the growing trend of increasing halal tourism. There is no specific regional regulation governing the development and management of halal tourism and Islamic hotels in the Surakarta area.</p> 2023-11-14T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Fendy Kurniawan, Lia Ardiana Safitri Job Stress of Tourism Industry Employees Due to Covid-19 2023-06-24T06:08:09+07:00 Rahmat Priyanto <p>The tourism industry has been badly affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. The policy of limiting tourism travel activities has led to uncertainty in the tourism business. Besides, tourism industry workers are at high risk of contracting the Covid 19 virus because tourism services must be done directly with tourists. Many workers in the tourism industry experience work stress due to the Covid 19 pandemic. This systematic literature review study examines tourism worker stress due to the Covid 9 pandemic. The literature review method uses a cross-sectional search of health, tourism, and management articles. The search results were eight articles selected by Prisma Chart with defined inclusion and exclusion criteria. The results of a systematic literature review study revealed that the perceived threat of the Covid 19 virus causes fear and worry about being infected. Another factor that causes stress for tourism workers regarding job insecurity is perceived uncertain job continuity. Experienced work stress has an impact on decreasing job satisfaction and well-being, then can increase the turnover intention of workers from the company. Several strategies can be implemented to reduce work stress by providing self-protection tools, service rules, adjusting work assignments, and preparing transformational leadership to increase the company's resilience in facing various external conditions.</p> 2023-11-14T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Rahmat Priyanto Development of Village Potential into a Tourism Village in Nglegi Gunungkidul Village 2023-06-23T06:33:17+07:00 Yitno Purwoko Erna Wigati Sri Yulianto Fajar Pradapa Nina Noviastuti M Fathurrahman Nurul Hakim Henny Kustini <p>This article aims to discover the potential of Nglegi Village and the development that can be carried out regarding the facilities it has to become a tourist village. The method used in this research is a qualitative method by observing and interviewing stakeholders, community leaders and Pokdarwis managers to know the potential and facilities owned by Nglegi Village. The result of this research is to develop the possibilities that exist in Nglegi Village by exploring the potential and completing facilities that have not yet been owned to be able to develop Nglegi Village into a tourist village by strengthening human resources equipped with training to make superior human resources and competent who can support Nglegi Village to become a pilot Tourism Village.</p> 2023-11-14T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Yitno Purwoko, Erna Wigati, Sri Yulianto Fajar Pradapa, Nina Noviastuti, M Fathurrahman Nurul Hakim, Henny Kustini The Existence of Mekarbuana Tourism through The Development of Tourism Products in Increasing Visitors or Tourists 2023-08-28T08:35:57+07:00 Neni Sumarni Syifa Pramudita Faddila <p>The existence of tourism is a supporter of the economy of a region. Tourism in the village of Mekarbuana is expected to encourage the socio-economic community. The method used in this research was descriptive qualitative, using observation, interviews, and documentation studies and analyzed using three triangulation techniques: method triangulation, data source triangulation and theory triangulation. The research results are the development of tourism products, as well as tourism-supporting products that are conceptualized on the 5A tourism principle. The story of tourism products creates a coffee village. Development of tourism-supporting products in the form of amenity items or souvenirs, namely coffee pudding and coffee cakes.</p> 2023-11-14T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Neni Sumarni, Syifa Pramudita Faddila Vulnerability Assesment of Tourism Village Communities in The Special Region of Yogyakarta during The Covid-19 Pandemic 2023-10-26T04:23:52+07:00 Shinta Permana Putri <p>This study aims to identify the vulnerabilities faced by tourist villages, especially the advanced tourist villages, during the Covid-19 pandemic. The research was conducted in five advanced tourist villages in different districts/municipalities in DIY. Basically, this study is a quantitative research. Data was collected through a questionnaire survey process among the village residents. The analysis technique used is descriptive statistics. The results of the study show that there are still several factors that remain vulnerable for the tourist villages' communities in DIY when facing Covid-19. These factors include financial conditions, the sustainability of tourism activities, the sustainability of social interactions, and the level of community adaptation. One way to reduce these vulnerabilities is through innovation. However, the vulnerabilities caused by Covid-19 are still greater compared to the efforts made by some other tourist villages. There are still several challenges faced by tourist villages for recovery, such as the lack of visitor enthusiasm, lack of innovation and attractiveness, lack of budget, and decreased visitor trust. In this regard, the preparedness and capacity of tourist village communities in facing disasters still need to be improved. Thus, efforts are still needed to prepare communities for possible future detrimental events and to enhance their capacity and resilience for recovery.</p> 2023-11-14T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Shinta Permana Putri The Influence of Timeliness and Volume on Online Hotel Booking Intention in Batam City 2023-11-03T10:57:26+07:00 Selina Dame Afrina Sihombing <p>This study aims to determine the influence of the role of timeliness and volume on online hotel booking intention in Batam City. This study uses a descriptive quantitative approach. The population and sample of the research is people who live or reside in Batam City with a total of 415 respondents based on the Slovin Formula calculation. Data collection technique used involved distributing questionnaires via Google Form. Sampling was carried out by applying random sampling techniques. Data analysis used in this research uses multiple regression analysis methods using SPSS software. The research results show that timeliness and volume have a significantly influence on online booking intention. The timeliness and volume of information, comments and opinions left in large numbers as well as updating useful information can be taken into consideration by consumers in determining their intention to book hotels online. Consumers may consider the timeliness and total volume of information, messages and interactive comments from other consumers that can be found in a product or service review. Individuals looking for information will exhibit greater interest, potentially resulting in a perception of decreased risk among consumers, particularly in the case of tourism products, which are frequently intangible and distinctive.</p> 2023-11-14T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Selina, Dame Afrina Sihombing Destination Image, Location and Price on The Interest Of Visiting Tourists in The Warm Water Tourism Park Umbul Temple 2023-10-26T04:35:34+07:00 Krisnawati Setyaningrum Nugraheni Bambang Guritno <p>The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of destination image, location and price on the interest of visiting tourists at the Umbul Temple Warm Water Tourism Park. Data were obtained through documentation and questionnaires. The sample used in the study of 78 respondents. The results of the study are expected to provide useful information for managers and tourists. Then the results of the study were processed using the SPSS 23.0 application so that the data obtained were analyzed using multiple linear regression analysis, validity test, reliability test, F test, coefficient of determination test and hypothesis testing. The analysis shows that there is positive and significant influence of the destination image, location and price on the interest of visiting tourists at the Umbul Temple Warm Water Tourism Park.</p> 2023-11-14T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Krisnawati Setyaningrum Nugraheni, Bambang Guritno The Application of Room Attendant Empathy in Service at Aston Batam Hotel & Residence 2023-10-26T04:40:37+07:00 Elvia Ratna Sari Nensi Lapotulo Miratia Afriani Tito Pratama <p>This study aims to explore the application of room attendant empathy in services at Aston Batam Hotel &amp; Residence. Empathy plays a crucial role in the hospitality industry, as it may enhance guest satisfaction and loyalty. However, limited research has been conducted on the specific application of empathy by room attendants in hotel settings. The study will employ a descriptive qualitative research design, utilizing in-depth interviews and observations to gather data. The informants used to select a diverse group of housekeeping departments from Aston Batam Hotel &amp; Residence. The participants will be chosen based on their experience, tenure, and willingness to participate in the study. The data collected will be analyzed, allowing for the identification of recurring patterns and themes related to the application of empathy by room attendants. The analysis will focus on understanding the application of empathy, the ways employed by room attendants to demonstrate empathy, and the impact of empathy on guest satisfaction. The research results show that the application of room attendant empathy in service at Aston Batam Hotel &amp; Residences has a positive impact on guests. In-depth understanding of room attendants in practicing and applying empathy in providing services, more sensitive to guest needs and room attendants trying to fulfill them as best as possible.</p> <p><strong>Keywords:</strong> Empathy; Service; Room Attendant; Hotel</p> 2023-11-14T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Elvia Ratna Sari, Nensi Lapotulo Theoretical Analysis of Ors Tools on Geographic Information Systems for Mapping Historical Tourism Area in The City of Banjarmasin 2023-10-26T04:18:48+07:00 Muhammad Muhaimin <p>The research objectives include developing an isochrones computational model for historical site tourism in Banjarmasin City, analyzing isochrones computational modelling in mapping the fastest and shortest routes for historical site tourism in Banjarmasin City, and analyzing isochrones computational modelling to determine the distance-time matrix for historical site tourism in Banjarmasin City. Data analysis techniques to produce research objectives include analysis of historical sites in Banjarmasin City which is used to calculate the position of historical sites relative to other historical sites to analyze the best tourist routes for historical sites in Banjarmasin City. The research results confirm that the isochrones computing model can use a Geographic Information System (GIS) with QGIS and GraphHopper software for historical site tourism in Banjarmasin City.</p> 2023-11-14T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Muhammad Muhaimin The Influence of Internship on The Professionality of Students Departement of Room Division at Batam Tourism Polytechnic 2023-11-08T11:04:36+07:00 Valensia Devinsa Andriyatno Arina Luthfini Lubis Zahara Fatimah <p>This research aims to analyze the impact of internships on the professionalism of students majoring in the Rooms Division at the Batam Tourism Polytechnic. The research data consists of active students and alumni of the room division program at Batam Tourism Polytechnic university. This research uses a structured questionnaire (58 closed questions assessed using a 4-point Likert scale) which consists of 4 parts: Part I: Internship, Parts II, III and IV are assessments related to professional skills, namely part II: Attitude, part III Discipline and part VI: responsibility. This research uses descriptive statistical analysis. Next, scale measurement analysis is used to check the validity of the research data and the reliability of the questionnaire. Based on the test results using SPSS software, it can be stated that all statement items or questions given from all variables X, Y1, Y2 and Y3 are valid, because the calculated rvalue &gt; rtable. Based on the results of the X and Y reliability tests above, it can be stated that all Cronbach's Alpha values for variables The results of the hypothesis test show that the alternative hypothesis for all variables is accepted. The formulation of the results of the multiple linear regression equation is Y1 = 12.307 + 0.295, Y2 = 7.790 + 0.538 X, and Y3 = 9.932 + 0.418. Internships have an influence of 21.1% in terms of responsibility. The research results illustrate the influence of internships on the professionalism of the rooms division in the hotel department</p> 2023-11-14T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Valensia Devinsa Andriyatno, Arina Luthfini Lubis, Zahara Fatimah Tourist Behavior is Changing as a Result of The Mini Vlog Trend 2023-07-01T07:06:18+07:00 Margareta Lingga Siwiningtyas Prihatno Hary Hermawan <p>Social media platforms like Tiktok and Instagram have been shown to affect how contemporary tourists act. Since the mini vlog trend began, creating tiny vlogs has spread to the world of tourism, particularly in tourist destinations, for their personal needs and employment. It has become a must for those who experience the slight vlog trend. This study aims to analyse the pattern of changes in tourist behaviour in tourist hotspots brought on by the micro vlog trend. This paper employs a phenomenological approach and a qualitative research methodology. The main focus of the study is the experience of research participants who have accounts and actively use the social media platforms Tiktok and Instagram during the two stages, namely before and after the mini vlog craze. The mini-vlog trend in tourist places impacts each subject's psychological dynamics and behavioural patterns in two different phases, namely the phase before and after the mini-vlog trend, according to the research findings on four subjects presented in this article. Changes can be seen in travel locations, prepared travel gear, and activities when visiting tourist destinations. This article aims to enlighten readers about mini-vlog trends that influence tourist behaviour and how mini-vlog trends might enhance the tourism industry by serving as a promotional tool for tourist locations.</p> 2023-11-14T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Margareta Lingga Siwiningtyas, Prihatno, Hary Hermawan Wisata Gastronomi Makanan Tradisional Yogyakarta melalui Storynomic 2023-10-13T05:19:42+07:00 Setyo Prasiyono Nugroho <p>A Storynomics Tourism is a new style in promoting tourism and the country's creative economy. Innovation with a storynomics tourism approach is expected to attract foreign tourists to Indonesia. The storynomics tourism approach will help build tourists' interpretation and imagination of a tourist attraction. Apart from legends or folklore, storynomics tourism can also start from historical stories. A place or traditional food with a big historical story has the potential to be developed using a storynomics tourism approach to attract tourists. The aim of this research is to find out the origins of Yogyakarta traditional food which can be used as a storynomic, and to find out the methods of processing Yogyakarta traditional food, in order to increase the number of tourist visits and to preserve Yogyakarta traditional food. This research method consists of in-depth interviews, observation, documentation and literature study. This research is a qualitative descriptive study. The population and sample in this study were ten main foods and snacks as well as five traditional drinks typical of Yogyakarta. Next, in-depth interview techniques were used to find out the origins of Yogyakarta traditional food as well as the use of ingredients and processing methods for this traditional food. Furthermore, the informants in this research were historians or gastronomists from the Center for the Conservation of Cultural Values in the city of Yogyakarta and traditional food producers in the city of Yogyakarta as additional informants. Then, the analysis technique in this research uses the research method developed by Milles and Hubberman (2006), which consists of data reduction, data presentation and drawing conclusions or verification. The results of the research show that traditional food in five sub-districts in Yogyakarta on average has a story behind its preparation, and traditional processing methods are still maintained to this day.</p> 2023-11-14T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Setyo Prasiyono Nugroho Identification of Forest Bathing (Shinrin-Yoku) Tourism Routes in The Tahura Bunder Area, Gunung Kidul, Special Region of Yogyakarta 2023-11-14T07:26:02+07:00 Fuadi Afif Amelia Lintang Mahiswara <p>Some people are starting to complain about and experience physical and mental health issues as a result of living in cities and using electronic devices. Going back to nature is one way to lessen these issues. Forest bathing is one method of getting back to nature. Finding the forest bathing routes in Tahura Bunder, Yogyakarta, is the goal of this study. This study employed a qualitative method. In order to verify the data that had been gathered, additional measuring tools and literature reviews were used in addition to on-site research to conduct direct research. Tahura Bunder is a great place to take a forest bath, according to the study findings. Following that, three route models—the novice route, the intermediate route, and the expert route—were produced from the identification of routes on Tahura Bunder. The components that should be present in these three paths can be measured and observed to determine which ones they are. The study concludes that Tahura Bunder is a great place for forest bathing, offering three different routes for visitors to choose from as a potential health tourism activity.</p> 2023-11-14T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Fuadi Afif, Lintang M Potential of TPS 3R as Part of The Development of Taro Tourist Village, Tegallalang District, Gianyar District 2023-11-17T10:05:48+07:00 I Gusti Ketut Indra Pranata Darma I Ketut Arta Widana I Putu Suyasa Ariputra <p>The shift in the tourism industry from mass tourism to alternative tourism has led to various interesting developments. One of these developments is related to the existence of tourist villages as a form of alternative tourism. Tourist trends have also changed with their interest in the existence of local communities in presenting their various original attractions. Local communities offer a variety of new experiences in a tourist village to tourists with various purposes. One of the villages that offers local community involvement is Taro Village, Tegallalang Subdistrict, Gianyar Regency with TPS (Temporary Disposal Site) 3R (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle) which is one of the components of tourism village development. This research uses descriptive qualitative methods. In-depth interviews were conducted with the managers of Bumdes and TPS 3R, the local community which is adjacent to the TPS residents during the researcher's observation. The results of this study indicate that in destination development, the availability of packages (Available Package) is one component that still needs to be developed in both tourist villages. TPS 3R has involved the Community as an important part of the development of taro tourism village. The role of the Bumdes unit is an integrated and important part of the basic requirements for the development of tourism. The impact that arises because of the TPS 3R can be seen in the socio-economic side that mobilizes both directly and indirectly the unit and the community around the TPS. Socio-cultural and environmental impacts that arise such as the transfer of experience to visitors in educating waste sorting to the importance of caring for the environment with the existence of TPS 3R.</p> 2023-11-17T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 I Gusti Ketut Indra Pranata Darma, I Ketut Arta Widana; I Putu Suyasa Ariputra